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The BPI is using its network to co-ordinate efforts across the UK music industry in support of Ukraine and its music community. These may range from pulling together all relevant information on Ukraine to co-ordinating offers of accommodation as part of the Government’s Homes For Ukraine Scheme. Additionally the BPI will look to help promote fundraising concerts and events, and provide legal and administrative support where possible, alongside other practical measures.   

Industry announcements

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Links to Government "Homes for Ukraine" scheme & other related news

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Take in a Ukrainian music student refugee in association with The London Performing Academy of Music (LPMAM) as part of the Government’s “Homes For Ukraine Scheme”

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The BPI is working with its BPI Council Member, Dr. Stefania Passamonte, who is Founder & Director of The London Performing Academy of Music (LPMAM) in seeking to find sponsors within the UK music community who may be interested in accommodating LPMAM music students in Ukraine.

Stefania, herself a talented pianist and musician and the founder and director of The London Performing Academy of Music (LPMAM), has direct experience of trying to help music students to continue with their online studies in Ukraine and, where possible, to flee and find refuge in the UK and other parts of Europe.  

She has also written a blog post about the ongoing situation in Ukraine here.

Dr. Stefania Passamonte, Founder & Director of The London Performing Academy of Music (LPMAM), said:

“We are happy to be helping so many of our students to find refuge and safety, when we weren’t sure to begin with if we could help any at all. Above all, it’s not just about helping them to get through their truly awful present, it’s about offering them a hopeful future few of them imagined they could have, with many saying this is a dream they never dared to dream – to be able to come to study and live in London, all the while hosted in the homes of generous music professionals.”

Geoff Taylor, Former Chief Executive BPI, BRIT Awards & Mercury Prize, said:

“What is happening in Ukraine is beyond a tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected. We speak often about the power of music – the inspiration and comfort it can provide – but our industry also has a history of helping others at times of great need, and we are already seeing the UK music community step up in a number of ways. Record labels and the IFPI, for example, have made donations to UNICEF and the Red Cross appeals, and a number of fundraising concerts are being announced.  Here at the BPI we will do our best to help, and we will look to act as a point of contact to any individual or organisation in our community looking to offer assistance, including to refugees from the Ukrainian music industry who are hoping to come to the UK as part of the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme."


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