The BPI, the representative voice for the UK’s world leading record labels and music companies, will be taking part in an upcoming panel on the topic of AI technology at Manchester’s Beyond the Music on 13 October and Resonate Scotland on 23 November.

The BPI’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sophie Jones, will appear on the Beyond the Music panel ‘Rage With the Machines: Taking Charge Of The AI Evolution’ - joining other key voices in the debate including trade unions, AI companies offering solutions to the music industry, researchers, and artists, to discuss how the music industry can take charge of this cutting edge technology.

In addition to the panel at Beyond the Music, the BPI will also be hosting a social on Thursday 12 October 18:00-20:00 at Low Four Studio, M3 4EN, bringing together industry colleagues from across the UK. All delegates from Beyond the Music are invited to attend.

On 23 November at Resonate Scotland, Sophie Jones will be moderating a panel titled 'Exploring the Ethics of AI', featuring panelists from Musiio by Soundcloud, UK Black Tech, Voice-Swap and singer-songwriter Kemi Sulola.

The history of recorded music is one of seismic shifts, with countless transformative technologies developed and introduced. The theme for the BPI’s 50th year is therefore The Next 50 – with a series of expert panels and events across the year looking ahead to the next 50 years of innovation in music, while also marking five decades of the BPI and its mission to promote British music.

Beyond The Music is a new changemaking music industry conference and new music festival in Manchester that aims to explore, define and tackle those issues to shape the future of the music industry and turn the challenges into opportunities to overhaul and advance and to shine a light on exciting new talent and groundbreaking artists from across the world.

Resonate Scotland is a music industry conference focusing on industry training, business development, accessibility and collaboration. Resonate is an open platform for music practitioners in Scotland and beyond to come together and discuss challenges and opportunities to grow the industry for the benefit of all.

Amalie Briden, Innovation Manager at the BPI said: “As an industry, we are excited by the potential that artificial intelligence offers to support music creation and boost fan engagement. But it’s vital that advancements in technology are founded on the essential IP protections that have enabled our creative industries to flourish, and that human artistry remains at the core of our world-leading industry. We are excited to further the AI debate at upcoming events across the UK, joining other industry experts to discuss key questions surrounding licensing, human creativity and legislation.”

Sophie Jones, Chief Strategy Officer at the BPI said: “I look forward to connecting with my fellow panelists and industry colleagues at these events across the UK as our sector navigates the dynamic landscape of AI. With such huge technological change on the horizon, it’s important we maintain these open discussions to ensure a strong balance between advancing our industry while protecting the irreplaceable value of human creativity.”

Event Information

Title:  Rage With the Machines: Taking Charge Of The AI Evolution

Date: Friday 13th October, 2023

Session Time: 15:00 – 15:50

Venue: Manchester Central

Panellists: Moderator - Agnieszuka Pustula (Redburn), Sophie Jones (BPI), Rachel Lyske (DAACI), Liam Budd (Equity), Densie Harris (Sum Vivas), Poppy (Grammy nominated artist), Hazel Savage (Soundcloud).

An additional conference featuring the BPI’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sophie Jones will be announced soon.